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Arabian Medical Express Services

Arabian Medical Express Services (MedEx) is a well-known Saudi family-owned Company, established in 2008 based in Riyadh, with regional offices in Jeddah, Dammam and covers southern and northern part of the Kingdom.

Being one of the leaders in medical device industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Medex is committed to provide high quality, innovative and technologically advanced products and ensures high standard medical equipment and consumable products meets the ever-increasing demand of healthcare standards and needs of future generation in the Kingdom.

Medex offers sales and services in Neurosurgery, Spinal Surgery, Orthopedic, E.N.T. and General surgery operating rooms with wide range of world class brands such as Stryker, Mizuho, Mizuho OSI, Integra, TAKAYAMA Instruments, Bioplate, Kontour, Feather, Simulab, and Life-Instrument.


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide and deliver an innovative technology and high quality of medical equipment and consumables to the Market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life of the patients and improve working conditions for healthcare providers by distribution of high-quality innovative medical devices and equipment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

To contribute to Patient care and healthcare industry continuously by enriching the portfolio to fulfil the Market demands.

To offer excellent Customer Care and services through continuous improvement driven by integrity, dedication, and services by professional teams.

Suliman Saleh Al Nesiyan
Chief Executive Officer/Founder.
Founded MedEx in 2008.
Studied in KSA & USA.
30+ years of Experience in Medical Field.

I have worked in ministry of health hospitals in my early career and I believed that medical technology and equipment suppliers, healthcare providers and patients have a common goal - better health. Ever since I had a dream to provide the best quality and advanced technological equipment to serve the patients and contribute for Better health in the kingdom. MedEx existence is a dream come true and continuously serving the vision with our dedicated teams in the organization and today we are one of the leaders in medical device industry.

Fahad Al Nasyan
Deputy General Manager.

I will pursue the values of CEO and committed to take the company’s vision to more greater heights with young leadership in terms of quality, culture, and business growth. We understand the needs of healthcare providers, patients, and We work with only the most technologically advanced, most reliable manufacturers.